Lifestyle & Prevention Programs

Who is this service recommendable for?

This package helps to change lifestyles. It is a one-week, intensive programme, where besides a full cardiovascular risk analysis the sanatory changes of lifestyle can be started within controlled, monitored circumstances. Based on the basic risk analysis and measured capacity we put forward a suggestion on the systematic change of physical activities and dietary customs or how to quit habits  and following the measuring during that one week we lend active help in acquiring the new customs and settling them into rut.
The length of this programme: 7 days, 6 nights
Arrival: in the early morning hours, for the sake of the planned examinations of the first day.
Departure: on  the 7th day at 11 o’clock after the consultation of the summary medical opinion.

What happens during this service?

The first step of this one-week programme isa full cardiovascular state analysis(the detailed steps of the examination can be found on the page Complex cardiovascular risk analysis). We establish a wide-spectrum, varied training plan bearing in mind the individual demands. The cardiologist and physiotherapeutic experts, physical therapists and dietitians constantly follow their patients with attention and help them with counselling. If necessary there are additional examinations such as breath test, circadian electrocardiography and blood pressure control. In parallel with these the programme of quitting smoking can be started.
On  the last day of the treatment considering the improvement we re-draft the further plans. After an active first week patients can continue well the started programme in their homes.  Thenceforward cardiovascular risk analysis is suggested every year. A one-week intensive lifestyle changing programme can be started within 3 months following the basic risk analysis.
We can start the treatment of those patients who took part in our Cardiovascular Risk Analysis Programme before (within 3 months) and now would like to take our Primary Preventative Programme, that we use the values previously done by echocardiography and spiroergometry. Consequently we allow them 20% discount.

1. Complex state analysis:

2.    Establishing a kinesitherapy plan

3.    Healthcare, primary preventive consultancy:

4. Relaxation, facilities of recreation, calm, picturesque environment, clean air

Lifestyle & prevention program

DAY 1.

· FŐNIX assistant (english speaking) will meet you at the Budapest Airport and transfer you to the Főnix Residence Health-Resort. (It is 1 hour driving from Budapest)
· Register to the residence. We kindly ask you to fill out 3 short application forms. We need them to get information about your life habits, to make sure your stay will be the most comfortable in the Residence.
· Inspection of the Castle with english speaking staff member.
· First consultation with our cardiac specialist (Dr. Györgyi Csósza, Dr. Mónika Solymos, Dr. László Rudas) (klikkelhető a CV-re megy)

DAY 2.

· Laboratory test ( Do not drink or eat before the procedure)


· General medical examination, ECG, anthropometric measures (height, weight, skinflod, hip, waist circumference measure)
· Echocardiography
· Exercise test, ergospirometry


· Estimating psychological profile with our psychologist Mr. András Hang

· Dietary consultation - survey of dietary costumes, and after we provide you a diet drawn up by our dietitian

3 – 5. DAY

Daily routine

· Medical visit in the morning hours
· Gymnastics ½ hour -  first time consultation with physiotherapist – composition of daily training program
· Cardio workout ½ hour
· Consultation with psychologist, relaxation training – the psychologist specified frequency
· Massage – turn upon the Specialist’s advice
· Physical therapy – if necessary, turn upon the Specialist’s advice
· Additional medical examinations, if necessary: APBM, ECG holter monitoring, control echocardiography, carotis echography



· You receive your results and medical report on a pen drive.  
· FŐNIX assistant (english speaking) will transfer you at the Budapest Airport . (It lasts 1 hour) You should be there 2 hours before the plane departure!