Hip surgery

HIP surgery Who is hip surgery recommended for? Pain in your hip may affect your ability to move freely, it may give rise to pain and it may significantly change your lifestyle, daily routine, your hobbies, or even cut back your working capacity. As the population of the world is aging, more and more people face this problem. In the last 30 years artificial hip replacement has improved greatly. In Hungary there are 700-800 hip surgeries a year.
Who can avoid surgery? If your hip is slightly or moderately damaged or ill (starting phase of arthritis) you might avoid surgery with the following preventive methods:

What is the aim of the surgery? The most important aim of the surgery is stopping the painful rubbing of the bones on each other. With the replacement of the damaged or arthritic joint, it will move smoothly and without pain and you may return to most of your physical activities you have enjoyed before. What happens during your stay at Főnix Medical Resort?

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Our medical team works for one of the biggest state orthopaedic clinic in Budapest.