Cardivascular checkups

Who is this recommendable for?

Arrival: between 2 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon, for the sake of the planned examinations of the first day.
Departure: on the 3rd day at 10 o’clock after the consultation of the summary medical opinion.

How do we make risk analysis?

At our institution we make your state analysis in a short time, prepare your individual treatment plan and in addition we afford chance for recreation as well. We hold out a hand to quit smoking and you can learn how to control your weight, treat stress or how to reach the healthy level of toughness. We offer you a unique opportunity to launch your general lifestyle changes!
The state analysis is done by medical and qualified experts. We prepare individual, personalised treatment plan with cardiologist and physiotherapeutic experts, physical therapists and a dietitian.
As a part of the risk analysis we measure your capacity by one of the most modern devices and comparing the measured values with other values at the same age of the patient we can give objective pictures of the patient’s condition. At the same time this furnishes a basis for preparing a personalised training plan. Our psychotherapist colleague estimates the risks originating from our patiens’ lives and attitudes and helps to establish the plan of lifestyle changes. He also helps to quit smoking as well which is known as one of the most dangerous risk factors. Our dietitian expert estimates the patients’ dietary customs and with anthropometric examinations she diagnoses the rates of bodycombination, the rates of adipose tissues, which are important considering risks. Respecting these points we prepare your dietary and activity programmes.


1. Complex state analysis:medical examination, appointment

2. Healthcare, primary preventive consultancy:

3. Relaxation, facilities of recreation, calm, picturesque environment, clean air

Cardiovascular risk analysis program (Cardio Check-up)

DAY 1.


  • FŐNIX assistant (english speaking) will meet you at the Budapest Airport and transfer you to the Főnix Residence Health-Resort. (It is 1 hour driving from Budapest)
  • Register to the residence. We kindly ask you to fill out 3 short application forms. We need them to get information about your life habits, to make sure your stay will be the most comfortable in the Residence.
  • Inspection of the Castle with english speaking staff member.
  • First consultation with our cardiac specialist (Dr. Györgyi Csósza, Dr. Mónika Solymos, Dr. László Rudas)
  • DAY 2.
    Examinations: Morning

  • Laboratory test ( Do not drink or eat before the procedure)
  • a.m.
  • General medical examination, ECG, antropomertic maesures (heigth, weigth, skinfold, hip, waist circumference measure)
  • Echocardiograpy
  • Exercise test, ergospirometry
  • p.m.
  • Estimating psychological profile with our Psycholigist Mr András Hang
  • Dietary consultation - survey of diatary customes, and after we provide you a diet drawn up by our dietitian
  • Consutaltaion with physioterapist - survey of movement petterns, and the physioterapist provide you a daily training program
  • Massage – turn upon the Specialist’s advice


  • You receive your results and medical report on a pendrive.
  • FŐNIX assistant (english speaking) will transfer you at the Budapest Airport . (It lasts 1 hour) You should be there 2 hours before the plane departure!